Sunday, March 11, 2012

Billionaires in China and Nigeria's unrest

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From greediness to poors killing each other in Nigeria, the most
populated african nation. Really sad...
They've got oil, they've got a numerous population. What a pity! Their situation is comparable with Russia's except as most africans, nigerians really do not have the reins of their sovereignty. The politicians over there are corrupted, some of them against their will. Giant Oil corporates like Shell, Exxon and some old breed have reenforced if not created this dirty climate of a mafia way to rule the biggest country in Africa. Threats, bribes and all sort of corruptions exist and can hardly be first, addressed then fixed. Was that surprising if in the early 70's the Biafra region has been trying a secession from the main land? Historians seem agree with one another about the french support for the very secession. Well, the France of Pompidou then. I doubt nowadays france could afford such huge and similar a project. Who knows ? Madagascar seems to be a plain case of some "droit d'ingérence" french rulers are so keen to claim against any former colonie, hers.

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