Sunday, March 18, 2012

Karl Rove about GW Bush's decision on Iraq

Karl Rove was Gw bush's adviser in matter of Defense. He wrote a book I don't really want to promote
arguing his master then did the right thing by removing a dictator who killed hundreds of thousands of his citizen fellows.....
We are before a case of a complicity of murdering 3, 4 times more iraqi than adam Hussein did during his whole reign and the final death toll is not still closed... Rove, whose parents were divorced, her mother committing suicide right after, his father who hadn't raised him was suspected of homosexuality., this very Rove, descendant of swedish, showed a big emotion when he felt as being personally attacked. Man, you should try to stand in some iraqi orphan's shoes, then maybe, with a sincere compassion, we would listen to your insanities because that's what things are about. Disgusting, indeed!
Go and Listen on NPR "fresh air"

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