Sunday, September 9, 2012

European Debt Crisis Explained - THE BEST EXPLANATION AROUND

  Even if this video was posted almost one year ago, every points it pointed to and analyzed ARE STILL consistent, regarding how the crisis has reached a crucial point of no-return decisions to be made in emergency. Last week ECB's Mario Draghi seemed to have put an end to an overwhelming concern about the EU bank system, especially about an inevitable Spanish need of a bailout.

 Anyway, this video and its clear explanation of what is STILL PENDING, remains, for experts or any people or student interested in the subject, a pretty good start to understand the main mechanism of the financial and the global system.
 The author went beyond just a list of possible scenarios. IMHO, this video is a must-watch one.
Andriamahanina Raberahona Jacky Celin
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